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How does a inflatable dock shelter work?

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Inflatable dock seals, inflatable side and top pads provide seal contact with the vehicle. Therefore, this type of shelter is an ideal seal for temperature controlled warehouses to prevent hot summer and cold winter, ventilation, dust and insects. The result is to save a lot of energy, improve the working environment, improve production and safety. Inflatable door seals are mainly installed in places with high insulation requirements and strong sealing performance.


During loading and unloading, the inflatable air bag of the door seal will cling to the vehicle from all directions to achieve the sealing effect. The airbag material is tensile and anti-wear. During loading and unloading, the rear of the truck enters the door seal, and the air bag inflates. The truck and the building are well sealed. Air bag deflates after loading and unloading. The airbag door seal is controlled by the door seal control module.


The inflatable dock seal expands around the loading and unloading vehicle to provide a perfect sealing effect, making it an ideal choice for applications in the food industry. It is suitable for all vehicle sizes and provides continuous weather protection throughout the loading and unloading operation.

In the rest position, the inflatable door seal can be fully retracted behind the side structure, so that the driver of the vehicle can use the entire width of the loading area when reversing.


In addition, the yellow front indicator further facilitates entry navigation. Stabilizing the anti-collision device within the range of slope height can prevent damage to the door seal.

The inflatable dock seal is installed inside the frame structure and covered with an insulating plate to provide additional insulation effect. This design facilitates easy and quick replacement of components. The inflatable air bags at the side and top are made of anti-collision materials with strong fabric core.

The inflatable dock seal is non flammable, stable in color and highly resistant to weather. In other words, it is a very suitable material for realizing functions in harsh handling environment.

In addition, the inflatable door seal can follow the vertical movement of the loading and unloading vehicle, continuously providing high tightness and covering various vehicle heights.

In addition to inflatable dock seals, we also produce mechanical dock seals and sponge dock seals, our products are customized according to your requirements.

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