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How many advantages of high speed door?

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High speed doors are widely used in automobile dealers, food processing plants and semiconductor manufacturing plants. Its unique structure and operation enable it to meet specific requirements.

Let's look at these advantages and see how they affect your business.

high speed pvc door (6)

Increased Security

Standard high speed doors have built-in safety features. Their quick on/off times reduce the risk of employees entering unauthorized areas.

Some doors do not have rubber gaskets between the slats. This eliminates intrusion by separating them.

Keep Employees Safer

There are many reasons why businesses use high-speed doors to separate facility areas. Corrosive or toxic materials are used in some areas. In other cases, employees may generate sparks during welding.

In other cases, extreme high or low temperatures are necessary. Fast operation, strong seals and durable materials ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

high speed pvc door (8)

Reduced Loss of Heating and Cooling

There are four primary features that promote energy efficiency:

tight seal, quick opening and closing, durability and wind resistance

Increased Productivity

High performance doors save time and improve productivity with quick open/close cycles. Products, equipment and people can be easily moved within your facility.

Cost Savings

A high-speed security door opens and closes within 2 seconds at the same opening. This speed increase can save a lot of money, as shown below:

1.Lower heating and air conditioning costs

2.Reduce collision maintenance costs

3.Reduce worker compensation costs by reducing door-related injuries

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