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How to choose the suitable high speed doors?

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We all know that there are several similar high speed doors for warehouse: PVC roll up door, high speed stacking door, self-repairing doors, frozen roll up door and insulated high speed door. But if we choose our warehouse or logistics environment suitable high speed doors? This is indeed a very important knowledge. Next, I will briefly introduce several kinds of doors.

Frozen Roll Up Door

Master Well low temperature high speed doors are designed to deliver significant energy savings in cold storage applications, with operating speeds up to 2.0 meters per second the fast cycle time maximizes productivity and energy savings.

freezer high speed pvc door (1)

Insulated High Speed Door

Master Well high speed aluminum spiral door is one type of the high speed door, with vision window and corrosion-resistant aluminum. Reducing contamination, minimizing pressure loss and protecting environments from air flows, humidity, dust and dirt.

aluminum high speed spiral door (3)

PVC Roll Up Door

Master Well high speed roll-up door are made from durable polyester PVC sheet with visible panels to provide a view of areas on the opposite side of the doors. Master Well high speed roll-up doors are designed with efficiencies in mind to bring your workflow to its high potential.Please also note that because of the door’s nature, it is only available with electric operation.

high speed pvc door (3)

High Speed PVC Stacking Door

High speed PVC stacking doors have high-strength antioxidant aluminum reinforced ribs and good-shaped curtain with wind bars. Comparing to the PVC roller doors that have high speed, the wind resistance of the stacking doors is higher. If clients need wind-resistant PVC doors, high speed PVC stacking door is the best option.

high speed pvc stacking door (1)

High Speed PVC Self-Repairing Doors

Master Well High speed PVC self-repairing doors are designed for the inside and the outside of the production areas, in every industrial context, to meet the requirements of different working environments. Master Well High speed PVC self-repairing doors isolate working areas from noise, dust and all the contaminants that could damage all working processes, but at the same time the fast speed of opening and closing of the rapid self-repairing door enable energy and cost savings as well as optimized traffic flows, of people and machinery, production and logistic activities.

high speed pvc self repairing door (9)

So know it's time to choose the right high speed doors for any situation? It's actually not that difficult. If your door size is very large and you want it to be installed indoors, then ordinary PVC and stacking high speed doors and insulated high speed doors are good choices. If the door size is small and the temperature is required, then choose frozen roll up door, but if there are budget constraints, self-repairing door is also a good choice.

Hope this article can help you today, if you have any situation and questions, pls feel free to contact with us.

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