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Mechanical Dock Leveler

Master Well Mechanical Dock Leveler is designed to provide substantial cost savings on equipment maintenance, fragile goods damage and personnel injurise. Operation very convenient, make the loading and unloading job easy and fast, improve Logistic Efficiency; Installation and service going very way and the quality very stability and long life time using.
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  • M-1000


1. Suitable for non-powered and explosion-proof areas

2. Ensure normal operation in the event of a power outage

3. Full working range foot guard: to ensure the safety of the operator's feet

4. Installation and service are very simple, the quality is very stable and the service life is long

5. Soft-release zipper design provides easy, smooth operation.


Detail Images

  • Mechanical self-locking floating mechanism:

Control the self-locking position and static state and the floating design of the truck effectively.

  • Return buffer system:

Reduce the damage of mechanical parts effectively.

  • Safety Support System:

Support the adjustment plate during equipment maintenance and overhaul safely.

  • Balance spring:

60Si2Mn material, 4 pieces





Load capacity:

Dynamic load 6T-12T



Main board:

6/8mm thick, BENSTEEL anti-skid checkered steel plate

Swinging Lip:

16mm thick, BENSTEEL checkered steel plate, 360-520mm

Skeleton under the table:

C profile/I profile

Link hinge:

10mm thick hinge

Balance spring:

60si2mn material,4 pieces

Connection shaft:

Shaft diameter 28mm

Adjustment range:


Surface treatment:

Surface pickling and rust removal, sand blasting and pickling treatment and galvanizing in bubble pool

Tongue self-locking:

With, standard configuration

Repair support rod:

With, standard configuration

Anti-collision block:

With, standard configuration

Special handling:



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