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Vertical Dock Leveler

Master Well vertical dock leveler act as external barriers in facilities where climate control, cleanliness or energy efficiency are critical, it is designed to facilitate access to the straightener pit for cleaning and maintenance. When not in use, these levelers rise to a vertical position in the dock door to minimize heat and cold transfer between the internal and external environment. 
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  • Ensure maintenance workers personal safety

Technicians avoid climb into the machine pit for maintenance,  beneficial for improving the efficiency and safety of daily maintenance work

  • Comprehensive cargo protection

The container directly enters the warehouse for loading and unloading , conducive to ensuring the overall environmental stability and safety performance of the cold chain.

  • Long service life

A smooth dock deck can minimize platform vibration during operation, ensure the stability of mechanical connections, and thus accelerate transportation efficiency


Material Description

Runoff Guards


Leveler Deck

8mm thick embossed non-slip steel from BENSTEEL

Leveler Lip

16mm thick, 400mmlong, non-slip steel

Safety Foot Guard

1.5mm thick,Whole piece foot guard

Under Leveler

C profile/ I profile

Link Hinge

Tubular Hinge

Link shaft


Hydraulic Cylinder

Leveler Deck Cylinder & Leveler Lip Cylinder



Save the installation space

Simple and stable operation

Make the loading and unloading job easy and fast, improve logistic efficiency

They are ideal for refrigerated warehouse or clean room environments.


Engineered for safety, security, environmental control and the smoothest transition in the industry


Adjust the dock height when the truck height is different with dock

Surface pickling, rust removal and sandblasting, and fully automatic spraying equipment is used to spray anti-rust paint, primer and topcoat

One key operation, cut off the power control

Low maintenance rate and easy repair


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