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What are the difference between Mechanical and Hydraulic Dock Levelers

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The loading platform (also known as the loading platform) helps to improve the loading and unloading process of the loading platform by erecting a bridge between the trailer base and the facility floor.

There are different types of handling platforms available, but the most common types are hydraulic and mechanical handling platforms.

It is important to take the time to understand the difference between the two types of wiring boards because, if chosen properly, it can be a long-term investment that will increase the productivity of your facility while taking care of your cargo.


1. About Hydraulic Dock Leveler (Powered Dock Leveler)

Hydraulic dock levelers are the simplest and most convenient to operate because these do not require any manual operation by the operator, who will use the control panel to connect to the correct height and align with the trailer base. Hydraulic dock levelers use electrical components combined with hydraulic cylinders and pumps to lift the loading platform and edges and easily deploy or store equipment.

2. About Mechanical Dock Leveler (Manual Dock Plates)

Mechanical dock levelers need to be manually operated by operators due to mechanical components. The operator must pull the chain to position the straightener on the trailer, and once the straightener is in the correct position and the lip is extended, he must use his weight to press the straightener down onto the trailer base.

3. Investment Cost

What's cheaper? Hydraulic dock leveler or mechanical dock leveler?

As an initial investment, hydraulic dock levelers are more expensive than mechanical ones. Mechanical dock levelers usually have higher operating costs, because they are often in a tense state, so they will incur more repairs and higher maintenance costs.

4. Maintenance Needs: Mechanical vs Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Mechanical loading and unloading platforms require more maintenance and/or replacement parts because they are often under stress and weigh thousands of pounds. Hydraulic loading and unloading platforms, on the other hand, typically require less maintenance because they have fewer parts.

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