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Warehouse High Quality Telescopic-lip Dock Leveler

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Master Well Warehouse High Quality Telescopic-lip Dock Leveler has a movable telescopic lip, which could positioned on the truck precisely so that it could achieve optimal load utilization and improve safety because of the large contact area between vehicle bed and dock leveller.  


Larger connecting space

Simple and stable operation

Hydraulic telescopic dock leveler is the new design loading and unloading platform

Make the loading and unloading job easy and fast, improve logistic efficiency

Have more moving range


Factories, workshops and warehouses which are especially in the field of food, supermarkets, assembly, logistics, warehousing and etc.


Adjust the dock height when the truck height is different with dock

The lip plate is directly extended to the rear of the truck to complete the entire action with the dock leveller’s self-weight    

Use shot blasting to remove rust and electrostatic spray to enhance corrosion resistance and adhesion

Low maintenance rate and easy repair


Upper Plate

8 mm thickness, anti-skate steel plate

Swinging Lip

single 16 mm thickness, 400mm+600mm length

Support Profile

4mm U type

Sealing Element

Japan Brand NOK A505

Working Range

- 300mm to + 300mm

Adjustment Time

Rise Time ≤16S, Fall time time ≤10S


380V / 220V

Electric Control Box

24 V weak current control

Dynamic Loading Capacity


Static Loading Capacity


Anticollision Block

Laminated belt stamping combined

Service Life

≥200,000 times

Operating Temperature

-30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃


Blue / Grey / Black, could be customized


< 50db (±5db)


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