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What Is A Scissor Lift Table?

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A scissor lift table is a good tool to lift the working face to a comfortable working height. Back injuries are common in manual labor. Over time, repeated bending and lifting will pay a price. A solution to reduce damage is a scissor lift table; Whether loading and unloading vehicles or stacking shelves, scissors lift eliminates the burden of heavy package handling for operators.

Scissor lift tables are also used to assist technicians with maintenance. The industrial scissor lift table makes tools within reach, enabling technicians to perform tasks in a comfortable position. The scissor lift table is designed with lifting tools and working parts, and fixed in place. It improves productivity and security. You can purchase a series of off the shelf scissors elevators to solve many operational configurations. However, if these models are not suitable for your application, a good manufacturer will work with you to develop specifications and build a customized scissor lift table according to your specifications. In the model part of this article, we will discuss the customized scissor lift table in detail.


Scissor Lift Table - Features

A Wide Range of Options

Scissor lift tables come in a wide range of sizes and capacities. Whether your operators use them as a working table or to restock the shelves in a warehouse, a model is suitable for whatever you need. Scissor lift tables vary in platform size, capacity, and lifting mechanism.

Stationary or Portable

Larger lifts are likely to be stationary, such a those used by technicians as a workstation. If you need to repair an aero-engine or assemble large components for a machine, an immobile work surface might be a better solution for that type of work. But, if you need a scissor lift table as a tool to transport components from one point to the other, then a scissor lift table cart is a better alternative.


Accessible Control Panel for Service and Maintenance

All industrial machines need regular inspection and maintenance for safety and to reduce operational downtime. The scissor lift design makes maintenance easy when the need arises. It is important to keep the number of hours the scissor lift table is out of service to a minimum. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that the lift table remains in operation and performs optimally for many years.

Customizable Models

No two businesses are the same, so the scissor lift table design will vary accordingly. At Handling Specialty, we can combine different aspects of a scissor lift table to meet your application requirements. For example, we can change the platform steel surface for something that offers more traction or is easier to clean. In addition, we can build in ramps to facilitate loading the scissor lift. Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise and experience to combine different components parts to build and deliver a custom scissor lift table that meets your needs.

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