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What are commercial freezer door advantages?

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1. Self repair function

The safety of soft high-speed cold storage door has passed the EU CE standard, Standard No.: en12453, Test No.: en12445

The full self-healing function is dynaco's iconic global patented technology: every FM2 high-speed cold storage door is equipped with an automatic derailment repair system, even if the door is hit, there is no need for any manual recovery.


2. High tightness

commercial freezer door uses the world's advanced door side track technology to achieve high sealing, reduce heat loss and achieve large energy saving. At the same time, it abandons the traditional blade and brush sealing system The close combination of door curtain zipper and guide rail completely eliminates the generation of gap, realizes the real sealing in the design, and prevents the inflow and outflow of air.


3. Special curtain material

In order to better improve the energy-saving efficiency of commercial freezer door, customers can choose thermal insulation curtain materials The surface layer of the door curtain is made of PVC and the middle is filled with thermal insulation material. Therefore, the heat transfer on the door curtain panel can be significantly reduced.


4. Door body and control box insulation system

Anti freezing heating cables are installed in the sliding rails on both sides of commercial freezer door , and thermal insulation devices are installed in the control box, which completely eliminates the problem of icing in the sliding rail and greatly prolongs the service life of the door. The power and energy consumption of antifreeze heat conductor of door body is low! The service life can reach more than 15 years.


5. Advantages in speed

The opening speed of cold storage door is 2.4 m / s and the closing speed is 1.2 m / s The world patented rack and pinion technology not only ensures the extremely high opening speed, but also the closing speed of 1.2 m / s, which is the high closing speed of the cold storage door industry.

6. Wind resistance

Soft cold storage door, EU standard level 1, up to 300 Pascal; Standard No.: en12424; Test No.: en12444.

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