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What are six things to consider before buying an edge of dock leveler?

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Master Well has extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing material loading equipment and has a reputation for providing quality and durable equipment. At Master Well, we offer our customers the option of tailor-made equipment that can handle any unique challenge.  When it comes to our edge of dock levelers, this equipment provides our customers with a practical solution for loading and unloading trucks from most dock positions.

1. Ease of Use

Master Well is the most famous name when searching for an easy-to-operate edge of dock leveler, a steel  forklift ramp to get the dock height to the truck height. Why? It’s because we offer market-leading equipment parts, coupled with superior safety. Our levelers easily mount to the face of nearly any dock. And if that’s not enough, we also offer transition plates and approach ramps to further take the weight off your shoulders.

2. Manual and Hydraulic Options

At Master Well, we offer a manual edge of dock leveler with the option of having a hydraulic power unit installed to it via a wall-mounted push button. That push of a button allows the unit to lift and rest heavy items, from 20,000 to 30,000 pounds, to the height of a trailer bed for safe freight handling.

3. The Utmost in Safety

Safety is the top priority at Master Well. That’s why each of our edge of dock levelers are equipped with a safety maintenance strut to secure the unit, while performing routine maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, lubricating the hinges is simple on our levelers because they come with grease fittings.

4. Quality Engineering

Our edge of dock leveler has been designed and engineered using a three dimensional software package. Master Well’s exclusive lift mechanism and spring assembly sets the board in place with a fraction of the effort needed to operate a conventional edge of dock leveler.

5. Long-Lasting Bumpers

Edge of dock steel face bumper guardAnother area of importance at Master Well is the quality of our leveler’s bumpers. The rubber/steel block bumper combo is often times the first thing to go bad in an edge of dock leveler. Several years ago, Master Well began using a specially-blended rubber formula bumper that is 3,000 PSI. We truly believe this is the longest lasting – and absolute best option – on the market.

6. Durability that Lasts

Durability is another key component to a properly functioning and lasting edge of dock leveler. While most edge of dock levelers have some wear and tear at the pivot points, Master Well’s pivot points are equipped with bushings to minimize wear. This is another area that sets us apart from our competition.

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