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What are the applications of high speed doors?

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For industrial doors, high speed doors are a good choice. They are similar to rolling curtains, but can also open and close very quickly, so people can pass through with ease. What's more, they are also extremely durable, which means they require little maintenance.

No doubt you will find high speed doors used in many applications. For example, you can find them in factories, warehouses, supermarkets and even airports. In this blog post, we'll look at some industries that use high speed doors in more detail.


Food industry

In the food industry, food must be kept at a specific temperature to prevent spoilage. This is where high speed doors come in handy. Because these doors are open for a short time, they help minimize temperature loss and thus maintain climatic conditions. That's why you often see high-speed doors on industrial-size refrigerators and freezers.

Pharmaceutical industry

Another place you'll find high speed doors is in the pharmaceutical industry. Hygiene is important here - bacteria and viruses are not allowed to contaminate medicines. High-speed doors can be used to minimize exposure times, thereby reducing the risk of air pollution.

Car factories

High speed doors are also frequently found in car manufacturers. Because cars are built so fast, it also makes sense to use doors that open and close quickly. The use of high-speed doors in these factories helps to improve production efficiency.

Chemical factories

Chemical plants can be dangerous because some chemicals are very flammable or volatile. In an emergency, you want the door to open and close quickly, which is why you will often find high-speed doors used in this field.


You don't have to go far to see a high speed door in action - you can find one at your local supermarket. Supermarkets use high-speed doors because they allow staff to get through with minimal hassle, which is useful when large restocking is needed. High-speed doors are also safe and suitable for people to walk in, such as supermarkets.


Airports are paved with high-speed. This is because they can be turned on and off quickly and therefore help ensure that everything runs on time. (Though judging by how many flights are delayed, the airport may not have enough high-speed gates.)


Because of its many advantages, high-speed doors are used in all walks of life. You will usually find them in industrial applications, but they are also used in places with heavy traffic or where specific climatic conditions must be maintained.

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