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What are the dock seals and dock shelters?

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Dock shelters

The dock shelter is a sealed outer part of the trailer, forming a sealed shell. This is achieved by applying pressure to the side of the trailer using fabric curtains fitted with fiberglass supports. They are suitable for larger dock doors and trailers of all heights and styles. Also, because they are not designed to be compressed by trailers, they suffer less damage from everyday wear and tear. They also allow full and unhindered access to the load on the trailer for maximum loading and unloading efficiency.

As a category, dock shelter has historically not been able to provide as tight a seal as foam dock seals, but new models are equipped with features to match the sealing effect of foam seals. In addition, many shelters have less than ideal trailer top sealing, with most leaving large corner seams when the trailer retracts, but trailer tops are sealed more tightly with weighted, gravity-based head curtains that block corner seams through engineering side curtains/head curtains features.


Dock seals

A dock seal is a foam pad compressed when the trailer returns and rests against the dock bumper to form a seal on three sides of the trailer. Typically, dock seals provide a tight seal at a relatively low price, but are subject to wear and tear on heavy traffic loading docks. Dock seals are preferred when there is a slight variation in the size and style of the trailer being serviced.

Due to its design, the foam compression dock seal can limit forklift access to the trailer. This occurs when the foam and fabric of the door seal side pad are compressed by the trailer into the trailer opening. But by design, dock seals usually take up less space outside the dock, so if space is an issue, then this could be a route that makes sense.

Like dock shelters, some dock seals perform better than others. The top platform seal has special features to protect against damage from specific sources, including trailer pressure and friction, trailer sign lamp burns, and headrest sagging and bursting.


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