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What do you need to know about PVC high speed door

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This article contains everything you need to know about PVC high speed doors for industrial use. What are they, what characteristics they have and what benefits they can bring for your business.

What are High Speed Doors?

High speed doors are pretty much what they sound like. They are faster versions of more conventional door systems - such as roller shutters, sectional doors or PVC crash doors.  In order to be able to operate at high speed, the design of these doors is critical in order to ensure durability, efficient energy consumption and reliability.

High speed doors are designed to integrate with the traffic movements of your business, whether this is forklifts and other vehicles or pedestrian traffic. Therefore, it is essential to scope out the design and specification of the high speed door you require to best match the traffic conditions at your place of business.

Who uses High Speed Doors?

Doors are really important for many businesses as they can help to prevent heat and energy loss if they have good perimeter sealing and are kept closed for long periods of time. If your business deals with a significant amount of traffic movement on a daily basis, you may find that maintaining closed doors is really difficult without causing significant disruptions to your operations.

This is where high speed doors come in.

High speed doors have an important role to play in helping firms meet their safety and energy goals - without hindering ease of access or productivity.


There are lots of places that high speed doors are used, including:

Car washes - for spray control

Coolrooms and freezers - to maintain temperature control

Food production - for hygiene and temperature control

Grain and milling industries - for dust control

Logistics and transport - for traffic control and security

Pharmaceutical - for hygiene control and positive pressure regulation

Warehouse Load-in/Load-out Doors - to prevent pests from entering and for temperature control

What should you look for in High Speed Doors?

The DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturing Association) require that all high-performance speed doors satisfy the following:

Are non-residential power doors

Have folding, rolling, sliding and swinging capabilities

Are either high cycle (minimum 100 cycles per day) or high speed (minimum 508mm per second)

Have two out of the three following criteria: are made to order to exact size requirements, are designed to withstand equipment impact, or are designed to sustain heavy usage with minimal maintenance.

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