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What is cold storage door?

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Cold storage door refers to a door that is installed in cold storage equipment, freezer warehouses and other refrigerated environment equipment to keep heat and seal.

What material is the cold storage door made of?

How are cold storage doors produced?

What are the advantages of cold storage doors?

What material is the cold storage door made of?

The cold storage door adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profile door frame, which has high strength, no deformation, beautiful appearance and durability; the door leaf is surrounded by 2.0mm stainless steel edging and seamless welding, which is strong and durable, without deformation, and has a reasonable structure.

The door leaf of the cold storage door is generally foamed by a polyurethane pressure injection machine at one time. The polyurethane structure is dense and evenly filled everywhere in the door.

The guide rail of the cold storage door is made of high-strength hard rust-proof aluminum alloy. Tight aluminum alloy door frame to achieve sealing effect. The hardware and its accessories are all made of stainless steel precision casting. The door parts have high precision, beautiful appearance and durability, which ensures that the cold storage door is light and flexible, safe and labor-saving, and easy to install. TPE environmental protection sealing strip makes the cold storage door have better sealing performance and performance.

cold storage door

How are cold storage doors produced?

There are generally two production methods for cold storage doors: one is to spray polyurethane foam into a pre-made frame, and the other is to use thermal insulation boards.

When making cold storage doors, polyurethane insulation boards are generally used because they not only have great strength, but also have good heat insulation effects.

Common types of cold storage doors: manual sliding doors, electric sliding doors, vertical lift doors, hinged doors, free doors, return doors, etc.; generally speaking, doors in other special places used in thermal insulation places are also included in cold storage doors, such as Air-conditioning doors, special doors for slaughter workshops, etc.

cold storage door

What are the advantages of cold storage doors?

1. The cold storage door is connected by the patented concave-convex combination method: the factory prefabricated combined thermal insulation panel is used, and the concave-convex combination method is used to facilitate the construction, disassembly, displacement and increase or decrease of the storage capacity on the construction site.

2. The joint has superior strength and thermal insulation performance: the new mechanism adopts a unique secondary locking technology for the concave-convex joint method, and the strength and thermal insulation performance of the joint have been further improved.

3. Cold storage door: The high-density polyurethane cold storage door is combined with the whole frame welded by 2.0mm stainless steel edging around it, which can ensure that the cold storage door will not be deformed for a long time. There are heating wires installed around the door leaf, and the heating wires around the door frame are absolutely moisture-proof and frost-proof.

4. There is a safety device on the door of the cold storage: because the safety device is adopted on the door, in case someone is accidentally locked in the cold storage, it can also be easily escaped.

5. The combined cold storage is equipped with an air pressure equalizing valve: in the low temperature cold storage, an air pressure equalizing valve is equipped to balance the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cold storage when the door is opened or defrosted.

cold storage door

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