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What kinds of Commercial & Industrial Doors?

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1. Aluminum glass garage door

These are aluminium sectional doors with glass panels. They are often used in building environments that require light transmission and visual access. Commercial and industrial customers can choose from a variety of glazing materials, window frame widths, finish options, and track styles.


2. Sectional insulated door

Sectional overhead doors are usually made of galvanized steel sheet with internal insulation to provide thermal insulation and noise reduction. Customers can choose from a variety of metal gauges, panel profiles, track styles, hardware and glass windows. Some applications require heavy duty doors to resist elements rain, wind, humidity, and extreme temperatures.


3. Aluminum high speed spiral door

High speed doors provide the best insulation, reduce air loss and help save energy. The master well high-speed spiral gate is fast, beautiful and elegant, and requires the least interruption for maintenance. Their opening speed is as high as 2.5m/s.


4. High speed PVC roll up door

Whether you need to save the heat in the building or maintain the set temperature, the high-speed doors can provide fast and vertical operation, and they are also very durable. Depending on the model, rapid operation can prevent cross contamination or facilitate traffic flow to improve productivity. Although flexible curtains are very common in food processing, you can also find high-speed roller shutter doors, which can ensure temperature control, safety, noise reduction, reduce energy costs and improve the carbon footprint.


5. Aluminum roller shutter door

Master well high speed PVC doors are equipped with sophisticated automation and safety devices. As one of the most popular types, roller shutter has proven performance, flexibility and simple operation. You will find many of these industrial doors installed in various buildings, such as industrial units, warehouses, retail stores, garages, hospitals, operating rooms, bars and restaurants.


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