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Why do you need dock seals or shelters?

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The Benefits of Sealing

Dock seals and shelters serve similar purposes: they both help maintain a controlled atmosphere on your loading dock and help you protect product as it moves in and out of your facility.  In other words, they both perform the same functions, just in slightly different ways.

Mechanical PVC Dock Shelter (12)

So, why do you need to seal your dock? The main benefits are:

  • Energy savings: Dock seals and shelters can quickly pay for themselves through reduced heating and cooling costs within your facility.

  • Safety: wet concrete can be slippery and dangerous. Protecting your dock area from wet weather makes your dock a much safer place.

  • Comfort: nobody likes to work in extreme temperatures, rain or snow.Sealing your doors increases worker comfort, morale and productivity.

  • Freight protection: Seals protect your freight against harmful weather, and minimize the entry of rodents and other vermin.

  • Security: Seals help prevent unauthorized entry to your facility.

  • Temporary storage: docked trailers can become secure, climate controlled extensions of your facility.

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