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Wear-Resisting Rapid Rolling Shutter Door

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Zipper high speed door is a new type of sealed anti-collision fast door with high-speed partition function, which plays a very important role in the workshop. This type of workshop production has strict requirements on the environment. The outstanding advantage of the zipper quick door is that it is suitable for occasions with high environmental requirements. It has good sealing performance, can prevent the invasion of dust and dust, prevent the cross flow of air, and maintain a clean indoor environment.


Extremely high opening / closing speed

Effectively prevent dust, moisture and dirt from entering the room

The curtain is soft and elastic

High airtightness, automatic reset


It can be widely used in the fields of food, textile, electronics, chemical industry, refrigeration, printing, automobile assembly, machinery, market, logistics and storage, etc.

High Speed PVC Self-Repairing Doors Color Options:



High Speed PVC Self-Repairing Doors

Maximum Size

W12000mm * H10000mm

Opening speed

0.6m/s-1.2m/s, adjustable

Frame Structure

2.0mm Galvanized steel / 304 Stainless steel

Curtain Material

SIOEN High density polyester fiber sheet

Control Power

0.75kw - 5.50kw

Control Box

IP55 Box with PLC&INVERTER, Pre-wired and factory tested

Safety Performance

Infrared photo sensor, Safety airbag edge protection

Tolerance Frequency

2 times/min, Inverter opening 2500-3000 times/day

Wind Resistance

Class 12 (Beafourt Scale)

Temperature Resistance

-25 °C to 65 °C


1 year for electric parts, 5 years for mechnical parts


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