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Industrial High Speed PVC Door

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The curtain of the PVC high speed door is soft and elastic, and there is no load at the bottom of the door body, ensuring that in an emergency, even if the operator is not protected, the collision on the door will not cause injury. The high speed door reduces the use of easily worn materials and can withstand multiple opening and closing operations.


Good wind resistance and heat insulation performance

Fast roller shutter door features stable performance, high speed, energy saving and environmental protection

The door can be opened through manual control, radar control, geomagnetic control, telescopic line switch, remote control, remote central control, etc


It is mainly used in underground garages, factories, food industry, electronic factories, textile industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, printing, chemical industry, logistics warehousing, clean workshops, shopping malls, packaging, garbage factories, special vehicles, disinfection channels, special equipment and narrow workshop channels. It is a production and working environment with high switching frequency.


Applications: Universal-indoor openings in industrial, storage and commercial facilities

Maximum Size: WxH: 4000mmx4000mm

Opening Speed: 0.6m/s-1.5m/s, adjustable

Working Temperature Range: -25 to 60 ℃

Hardware Materials: Frame and sides - galvanized steel

Drive shaft - galvanized steel 2.5mm x Φ114mm

Track guides - aluminum alloy extrusion

Curtain - SIOEN high-strength polyester textile fiber

Vision panel - 1.5mm thick translucent PVC

Control Box: Painted steel housing

Safety class - IP55

Variable speed drive

Drive System: Supply voltage - 220V 50Hz/380V 50Hz

Power - 0.5kw - 5.5kw

Safety class - IP55

Final shaft position indicated by encoder

Wind Pressure Resistance:450 N/M2

Operating Life: 500 000 cycles


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